Equipment Failure Analysis Services in South America (Brazil)

Specialized Laboratory in Equipment Failure Analysis Services: Your Trusted Partner in Failure Analysis for Brazil and South America

Precise Diagnostics in Equipment Failure Analysis for Fatigue and Breakage Prevention

With over 25 years of troubleshooting expertise and a long-standing history of successful investigations across diverse sectors in Brazil and South America, Testmat is your trusted laboratory for comprehensive failure analysis. We cater to a diverse range of industries, from Oil & Gas to the Food Industry, using state-of-the-art methodologies.

Gear Failure Analysis. Wind Turbine
Failure Analysis Services. Wind turbine gear for wind power generation. (Testmat)

Fractography and Scanning Electron Microscopy: Uncovering the Root Causes of Mechanical Failures

“Understanding the cause of your equipment’s failure is the first step toward improvement.”

Comprehensive Services in Equipment and Component Failure Analysis

Microscopic Understanding of Mechanical Failures through Scanning Electron Microscopy

Our comprehensive failure analysis—covering gears, connecting rods, bearings, shafts, crankshafts, and more—helps you identify manufacturing defects and the root causes of mechanical failures in industrial machinery and structures.

Custom Remediation Strategies for Optimized Performance
Fadiga Corrosão Superfície MEV
Fatigue-Corrosion Analysis with Corrosion Agents Identification. Material Failure Analysis (Testmat)

Testmat’s services extend beyond merely identifying problems. We provide tailored solutions that include:

  • Interpretation of failure data, including on-site review
  • Detailed examination of parts to ascertain failure mechanisms
  • Root cause analysis covering design, fabrication, transportation, installation, and service
  • Non-destructive evaluation strategies for remaining intact components
  • Advice for remedial actions to prevent further failures, including design and fabrication reviews for replacement components

Elevate Your Product Reliability and Performance with Testmat

Our failure analysis not only identifies the reasons for equipment failure but also significantly improves your operational reliability and product performance in the field. Learn more about our approach here.

Upgrade Your Operational Processes with Our Cutting-Edge Failure Analysis Lab

Discover how our state-of-the-art laboratory can help you significantly enhance your Maintenance, Engineering, and Quality processes.

Advanced Techniques and Solutions

Testmat employs a variety of innovative techniques for comprehensive failure analysis, including:

Nuclear Power generator: Equipment Failure Analysis and Damage Assessment. (Testmat)
Nuclear Power generator. Shaft damage analysis.
  • Expert multidisciplinary data interpretation
  • Characterization of failure modes through advanced microscopy techniques
  • Stress analysis and numerical modeling, including dynamic simulations
  • Development of non-standard test methods for novel applications

Team Training Services in Brazil

In addition to our failure analysis services, Testmat also offers specialized team training programs in Brazil. Equip your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to prevent failures and improve operational efficiency.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Expertise across diverse industrial sectors
  • Comprehensive failure analysis services from microscopic to macroscopic levels
  • A multidisciplinary approach for accurate root cause identification
  • Tailored remedial strategies
  • Team training services programs