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With over 25 years of troubleshooting and successful investigations in South America, Testmat has a long and distinguished history in determining the failure mechanisms and root causes in Brazil and South America.We conduct equipment failure analysis in different Industries from Oil&Gas to Food Industry using the correct methodology.

Gear Failure Analysis. Wind Turbine
Gear Failure Analysis. Wind Turbine. (Testmat)

The correct root cause identification leads to the solution of the problem

Testmat can help remediate the impact of a failure by
• Interpretation of the failure data, including on-site review
• Examining the parts and determining the failure mechanisms
• Root cause analysis, including design, fabrication, transportation, installation, and service
• Definition of safe conditions for remaining intact components
• Establishing a non-destructive evaluation strategy for remaining components

Failure analysis of equipment ANd components

Testmat focuses during failure analysis on the metallurgical aspects and mechanical stresses involved. This type of analysis applies to any item that fails during its operation, such as parts of mechanical equipment, welded joints, or structures.
This analysis identifies the most likely root cause, thus correcting the factors that caused the life reduction of the item. Examples of determinable causes are incorrect application, aggressive media, inappropriate usage specifications.

Nuclear Power generator. Shaft damage analysis.
Nuclear Power generator. Shaft damage analysis.

How can we Help you

Testmat provides at the failure site
• Expert, multidisciplinary interpretation of data
• Failure mode characterization by light optical and scanning electron microscopy
• Microstructure and defect characterization
• Stress analysis and numerical modeling, including dynamic simulation
• Fracture analysis and forensic documentation with images
• Expert knowledge of microstructure-property relationships, including the influences of microstructure on manufacturing processes
• Conduction of the root cause investigation
• Expert witness services in different areas, including welding, metallurgy, corrosion, fracture mechanics, fatigue, asset integrity management, and non-destructive examination.

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